Constitution Lakes is a wildlife preserve in South Dekalb County, Atlanta Georgia. Once the site of a brickyard, the lakes were created when water filled the clay excavation pits. The brick operation was shut down nearly 50years ago, and now the property has been restored by nature to a wetland habitat capable of sustaining birds, fish, wildlife, and a wide range of plant species.

DeKalb County bought the 125 acre property in 2003 and added a parking lot, a paved walkway down to the lakes and a boardwalk around one end of the lakes. It’s a good spot for birding, with water and shore birds as well as forest birds in the woods around the lakes. There is a train track–still used–on the back side of the lakes with a road alongside that goes to the South River where the train crosses over. DeKalb County allows fishing in all their lakes, and the people who fish at Constitution Lakes routinely leave all their trash there. As more people learn about Constitution Lakes, we hope to be able to educate them about being good stewards to enlist their help in maintaining this area.

Constitution Lake

Class: Lake
City: Southeast Atlanta
County: DeKalb
State: GA
Elevation: 240 meters



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